A history of performance backed by a culture of innovation, design, and old school craftsmanship

Based in Livermore California, about an hour east of San Francisco, the MMI team headed by husband and wife Mike and Brianne Maier, is a testament to quality engineering, manufacturing, and speed.

This small shop has turned out SCCA championship-winning vehicles, movie-star cars, and some of the most wicked street rides in the nation (and across the world). A history of racing runs deep in both Mike and Brianne, so after teaming up in the relationship world, they decided to team up in business as well. A focus on early Mustangs and a wedding present called “Ol’ Blue” would prove to establish a foothold for the shop and give the team a niche market to create products.

Originally a weekend warrior car for Brianne, the 65 Mustang coupe Ol’ Blue quickly gained notoriety with Mike behind the wheel, piloting it to wins in performance events across the country including the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car, Good Guy’s Autocrosses, SCCA Autocrosses, and several others. Our time behind the wheel drove the development of improvements to the car. As the years progressed and the victories stacked up, the car progressed from family cruiser to full blown race car. But along the way the MMI team created, designed, and engineered hundreds of new parts custom made to improve elements of the now over 50-year-old stang. These innovations are now available as our MOD (Maier Original Designs) series.

With racing success came requests for one-off projects. From rally Falcons to racing Corvettes, Mike’s understanding and scientific approach to suspension design, coupled with a team that favors old school craftsmanship made in the USA, turned out some of the best suspension packages money can buy. Everything we put on our cars has been designed by our team and tested weekend after weekend out on the racetrack.

Today the team still favors this approach. All parts are handmade, TIG welded, and assembled in our shop in Livermore. Though we favor custom parts, we also understand the need for serviceability. After all, those custom upper controls arms are no good if the ball joint goes bad out at the racetrack and you can can’t get replacements. So we pull in quality parts and pieces that can easily be serviced or replaced with those found at your typical auto store. Our goal is to keep you on the road or track and having fun, not chasing down one-off parts.

So whether you’re looking for a modern ride in an old car, or looking to tear it up on the weekends at your local autocross, we have the proven, quality built parts you’re after. We’ll see you at the starting line.

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You Might Have Seen Us Around…

We’ve been featured on:

  • Big Muscle on YouTube
  • The Speed Hunters
  • Hoonigan
  • Hot Rod Magazine
  • Road & Track.com
  • Grassroots Motorsports
  • Bangshift.com
  • The Muscle Car Place Podcast
  • Three Episodes of Overhaulin’
  • Ford’s 50 Years of Mustang Video
  • GT2 Big Bore One Lap of America Winner
  • Ford’s 2017 Project Excellence Award
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Or you may have seen some of the cars we’ve worked with…

  • Ol’ Blue 65 Mustang Coupe
  • The Stagnaro 65 Mustang
  • Brian Hobaugh’s 72 Camaro
  • Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s 69 RTRX Mustang
  • Steve Strope’s 69 Anvil Mustang (As seen in the Fast & Furious)
  • Steve Strope’s 65 Martini Mustang
  • Bob Florine’s Station Wagon
  • Mike Ansels 1972 Camaro
  • New Blue, our 2017 Mustang
  • Jeff Kiesel’s Corvette

We’ve also won a few events…

  • 1997 SCCA Autocross Rookie of the Year
  • 14 Time SCCA Autocross Champions
    • 6 Times in a Yellow Fox Body (back when I was 19!)
    • 7 Times in Frank Stagnaro’s 65 Mustang
    • 1 Time in Duan Koumish’s Toyota Starlet
    • We also hold the largest margin of victory in solo history of a class 30 or more
    • Our victories include wins at Forbes Field, Hartland Park, and Lincoln.
  • K&N Air Filters Ford Focus Midget Team Crew Chief
  • Multiple USAC Midget Wins & Track Records
  • Multiple American Autocross Championships
  • 2011 Good Guys Columbus Sponsor Shootout Winner
  • Multiple Good Guys Shootout Wins
  • Multiple Good Guys Top Qualifier Wins
  • Multiple Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car Wins
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And a special shoutout to our sponsors, love you guys!

  • Lucas Oil
  • Falken Tire
  • Wilwood Brakes
  • Quartermaster Clutches
  • Miller Welders
  • JRi Shocks
  • Ultimate Performance
  • GearFX